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About The Client

Help Desk Solutions have over 10 years of offering small to medium sized businesses a comprehensive suite of integrated IT solutions and support IT services in Melbourne

The client had a website that was several years old, and hadn’t been updated in some time. They wanted a fresh, professional website to keep up with their competitive marketplace in the IT Support industry in Melbourne.

What Was Our Strategy?

The first step was to create a new website design based on the client’s need’s. The website needed to have an SEO site layout so as to start leveraging future digital marketing strategies to boost their sales and customers.

We conducted an extended keyword research and competition analysis of their marketplace and services this client offers. This enabled us to have a clear URL structure and main keywords we were going to target for each page. Further to this, all of the meta titles and descriptions for each page were completed (this helps to begin positioning the pages strategically on Google Search).

As part of building the content, we provided our content writing services for the home page and additional service pages. This was to ensure that the website had the proper sales copy and optimised up to date, while still incorporating the main keyword for each page.

Additionally, the new site was designed for use on all devices, including mobile, desktop and tablets. This is particularly important as more of 50% of the online searches nowadays are done via mobile

The goal of the redesign was to primarily update the look of the website to improve its overall functionality and user experience (UX). In addition, we worked with Frank to provide us with additional content so as to reflect his specifications on the site.

Where is The Client Now?

After the site was rebuilt, the user experience and navigation has been improved helping them increase their overall conversions.

Furthermore, the client now has a modern, profession-high performing website that is easy to use and navigate and clearly provides all the information their visitors and customers are after.

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