Why Do Websites Need Maintenance?

by | Aug 15, 2021 | Website Maintenance

You may have thought that once your website was live and running, that nothing else was required to do and it was just going to ride on autopilot right? Well….let´s explore this a bit more as its not quite right.

Websites require regular maintenance to ensure they are running smoothly, are safe and avoid being hacked, and ultimately don´t break and go down. You also want to ensure they are performing at their best and bringing you qualified leads and attracting the right customers to your business with a strong SEO campaign in place.

Updating your site regularly is key to ensure you are staying ahead of your competition, and have a lead-generating machine that is working alongside your business to deliver the best possible results.

Here are some reasons why it is so important to update your site

Keeping Up with the Updates

In this day and age, the technology your site relies on is continuously being updated. Browsers such as Chrome and Safari are coming up with new updates and functionalities, which can modify the overall look of your website and appearance on mobile sites.

Regular tweaks and updates to your website will ensure your web design is updated and functioning properly and standing out from your competitors. 

It will also enable you to avoid getting hurt by new updates which can turn your website inaccessible. But don´t stress, you can always combat this by regularly updating your site or subscribing to one of our ongoing maintenance packages.

Plugins and Themes

This is quite an important item to keep a close eye as they will enable you to have a website that is running smoothly and performing at a high speed. 

We specialise in WordPress Designs, hence a lot of them come with a wide range of relevant plugins to ensure the site performs at its best. With this in mind, you need to regularly lookout for updates on both your plugins and themes to avoid having a low-performing website but also prevent any hacks and vulnerabilities to your site.

In addition, it is also very important to remove any obsolete plug-ins as these tend to slow down your website and affect its overall performance.

Stay On Top Of The Latest SEO Trends

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SEO will enable your small business to capture more prospects and attract relevant leads and customers to your business. There are many factors that will determine which site will rank on the top of Google´s SERP.

Frequently updating your blogs, content, landing pages, amongst other items will enable you to boost your rankings and drive more targeted traffic.

In addition, technical SEO and local SEO are other key components of your SEO strategy. The Google bots tend to reward the sites that load fast (ideally anything less than 2 seconds, have no 404´s or broken links and have relevant sitemaps.

Regular website maintenance will allow you to stay on top of your game and repair these errors in time, which will translate into a boost in your SEO rankings.

Keep Up To Date With The Latest Design Trends

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The UX/UI principles are continuously evolving and customers are now expecting streamlined websites which follow these principles and are easy to use and navigate. Otherwise, they will bounce from your site and go straight to your competition.

Regularly updating your site will enable you to stay up to date with the latest trends and designs and catch any errors that may prevent your site from converting your visitors into customers. After all, we want to ensure that once a visitor lands on your site they are also drawn and inclined to actually convert into a customer.

At eWebsites building your website is just the beginning of our journey. Our customers don´t just get an amazing site, they get a true digital marketing business partner.

Unlike a lot of web designers out there, we don’t see building a website as the destination – we see it as part of an ongoing relationship.

We will stay in regular touch to ensure that once your website is live, it becomes a lead generation machine that floods you with relevant and hungry visitors that are eager to pay for your services.

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