Does Your Small Business Need Website Maintenance?

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Website Maintenance

Let me ask you something, have you ever launched a new website and felt a bit nervous or overwhelmed with the maintenance? Or perhaps you ever wondered, what happens if the site crashes, or gets hacked? Based on our experience, this can be a very daunting responsibility.

Some years ago, you could easily hire a web designer to build a website and you were done. 

The reality is that nowadays the market has become more competitive and we have noticed a huge spike on cyber thugs spreading malware across the web. 

In these days of security and ongoing issues of websites being hacked, it is really important that those websites are maintained. We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your website up to date.

That’s why we typically tell our clients that in order to give them best results in terms of security for that website we recommend a web maintenance plan to:

  • ensure its safe and it doesn’t go down and 
  • also in terms of getting the best results for ranking that website in Google and making sure it sticks super glue on those first positions of Google 
You can put a beautiful garden but you need to maintain it in order to keep it green and avoid any weeds.

Let’s face it, as a small business owner you want to be allocating most of your time on managing your business and helping your customers rather than wasting time on figuring out how to keep your site live, updated and ranking on google.

Getting your website to rank well with search engines is an ongoing process.

It will require constant content creation, keeping track of keywords utilised and updating your security and backups on a daily basis amongst other things. 

This takes a lot of time and knowledge, which is why we offer different Web Maintenance Plans for all the websites we develop.

So, what is a Web Maintenance Plan (WMP)?

A WMP is designed to give you peace of mind once your site is up and running, or even for an existing site you may currently have. 

A lot of WMPs will start with a base maintenance package which will cover the basics (i.e., security, back-ups, site support), while some more in-depth (and yes, more expensive) packages will cover a wider range of activities such as ongoing content creation, high-quality relevant industry citations, monthly SEO reports, marketing strategies, brand assistance.

What Should You Expect From A Web Maintenance Plan?

Daily and/or weekly backups (through hosting and updraft plus or backup budd):

Sometimes websites may crash. It doesn´t happen very often, and its nothing to worry about. However, you want to be sure to have a back-up plan if that ever occurs. That´s why having daily or weekly backups will enable you to stop worrying about losing any updates, content, or data. Let our experts handle that.

Software updates:

This can take a lot of your time if you want to do it by yourself, and the reality is that you may not even be aware that they are available to you. Let an expert take care of your website updates, ensuring its performing at its peak all the time.


Website Security:

This is crucial for the success of your website. While no web developer can guarantee you that they will never experience any cyber thug or hacking, rest assured you will be taken care of by an expert and have a website that is hack-proof as much as possible.

Performance Reports:

Tracking your website will enable you to understand what is working and what is not. It will show you which are the specific pages your visitors are engaging more and may provide you a more holistic picture of the areas to focus on improvement.


This is an ever-evolving topic and can sometimes become a bit confusing and overwhelming to small business owners. SEO has been changing consistently over the last years. Therefore, we suggest you leave it to us so we can ensure your site is ranking consistently for the right keywords and attracting the customers that you are actually looking for.

eWebsites Maintenance Plans

Here at eWebsites we offer three different plans starting from $197, up to $997 per month in order to suit different business needs and budgets. Each plan offers a wide variety of the services we covered above.

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