7 Ways To Improve Web Design

by | Feb 24, 2022 | Website Design

We have spoken in the past about why its so important to have a website as a business owner. However, we often find that web design is an aspect that typically gets overlooked causing a dramatic impact on your bottom sales and conversions.

In this article we will unravel some easy ways to improve your web design which will have a dramatic impact on your website traffic and conversion rates. 

Below are some top 7 changes that we selected so you can enhance your web design and start seeing the results your website deserves. 

Why Is Web Design So Important?

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Some of these web design changes you will be able to make them yourself, whilst others will require the assistance of a professional web developer.

At eWebsites we have clients who have employed international SEO tactics to reach different continents and geographies.

The fact is that in this digital age, not having an online presence ultimately means that you are missing out on limitless opportunities to connect with your target audience.

A website also allows you to better connect with your customers, showcase your brand and professionalism via testimonials, service/product information and an about us page.

Your web design will determine how well your audience and customers will connect with you and how they will perceive your brand.

A beautiful, functional website will encourage visitors to take action, whereas a poor designed and outdated website will quite likely have the opposite effect.

If you want to find out more about the main benefits of having a website we also wrote an article about it.

How Can You Improve Your Web Design

Some of these web design changes you will be able to make them yourself, whilst others will require the assistance of a professional web developer. 

We’ve also covered some additional web design tips for small business owners in this article.

#1 Choose 3-4 Font Styles 

Too many fonts can confuse the visitor and make them bounce from your website. Keep it easy and simple for them by adhering to 3 or 4 fonts throughout the whole site.

We typically recommend sticking to the same font for headers, another one for subheadings and CTA and a different one for the body text and navigation links.

#2 Pick a Consistent Colour Theme

This is a similar concept as the one above, as too many colours can actually end up confusing your visitor. You can create a consistent colour palette that reflects your brand style and personality. 

Our recommendation is to choose a main colour and then between 2-3 secondary colours. Make sure to remember the specific hex code so as to replicate it easily on every page, as well to leverage them for future marketing materials and social media content.

#3 Use the right Images

We always recommend to our clients to use as much original and professional photographs as possible.

However, if that is not an option then selecting the correct images is key as they display a message and tone that should be appropriate and according to your brand and personality. 

Picking the right images can sometimes be the difference between a sale or someone bouncing straight out from your site.

#4 Remove Distractions

With an online lifespan of less than 5 seconds you need to ensure that you are not adding complicated animations, content that is too long just to name a few examples.

These will distract your audience and confuse them, therefore we always recommend to keep things more simple online and focus on conversions.

#5 Use Simple CTAs Buttons

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This is another item we see a lot of websites getting it completely wrong. We recommend sticking to two colours and styles on your CTA buttons to avoid confusion- a primary CTA button for the main actions on the site anad a secondary CTA button for less important actions.

#6 Don’t Be Afraid To Use White Space

This is the space that surrounds your elements and the intent is to give your customers a ‘break’ from having to read. Ensure to space your text and graphics with white space so that the website is not overcrowded.

#7 Provide An Easy Navigation h3

Your website should be easy to navigate so that visitors can find straight away what they are looking for. Ensure all your pages have a streamlined navigation interface to help your visitor and customers dive deeper into your website to find that they are after. 

A good tip is to also include some internal links on your footer to your main service pages to provide them with more options.

Let A Professional Web Developer Assist You 

If you need help, or if your redesign is more complex, let a professional web developer take the stress from having to do this! At eWebsites, we are an award winning digital agency which specialises in custom, functional, easy to use websites that will help you grow your business and expand your online footprint.

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