Defining Local SEO in Melbourne and Its Importance

How Local SEO in Melbourne Benefits Local Businesses

Any local business that serves a specific geographic area needs to target its relevant customer base within that location with the help of local SEO in Melbourne. Harnessing the power of local SEO can see impactful results for your business — driving relevant customers to your online channels.

Melbourne has seen the largest population growth amongst the Australian capital cities in 2024 (up by 167,500 people). The market is increasingly saturated. The need to stand out amongst competitors increases in precedence.

What is Local SEO? Local SEO assists in ranking your business higher in search results for specific locations to attract relevant customers. The impact? Long-term results by increasing your online business visibility to your local market. See how eWebsites and our local SEO strategy can elevate your business.


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Some of the Businesses We’ve Worked With

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We deliver results for local small businesses. Hear from some of our happy clients below.

Peter Hunt

Director, The Alignment Studio

I’ve been working with Tomás and his SEO agency in Melbourne for over a year now and my website SEO and lead generation has shown significant improvements. The campaign has been such a success that I recently transitioned my PPC campaign to the eWebsites agency. I couldn’t be happier with the professional, yet personal attention my team and I always receive. The strategy is always thoroughly explained and executed as planned. I couldn’t recommend highly enough.

Cary Lockwood

Co-Founder, Fortitude Wellbeing

A fantastic and engaging experience from the beginning. The team from eWebsites completely revamped our web presence and SEO approach with wonderful results. We would highly recommend them.

Gennaro Fittipaldi

Principal, Fittipaldi Injury Lawyers

Tomas and the team have been a pleasure to work with. Their professionalism and expertise are apparent throughout our regular monthly meetings, and the work they have done for our firm’s website and SEO campaigns has been beneficial to our growth. I would highly recommend eWebsites – SEO Agency Melbourne.

Why Partner with a Local SEO Company in Melbourne

Expertise in Local SEO Services and Understanding of Melbourne’s Local Market

The first step to improving your local SEO is partnering with the right local SEO agency in Melbourne. So why choose eWebsites?

Why Work With Us?

Local Professionals with in-depth experience

We are experts in local SEO services who understand the local market relevant to your business. This insider knowledge allows us to tailor your SEO strategy to cater to the intended local audience. Our local SEO specialists champion effective local SEO campaigns for your business through our in-depth knowledge of the Melbourne market.

Personalised Local SEO Strategy

We create a tailored strategy to suit your unique needs — whatever your business may be. We base this on the intent of your audience, data and proven tactics that collaborate seamlessly together for long-term results.

Generate More Qualified Leads

Our ability to target specifically your local area means more qualified traffic to your site with quality and relevant leads generated for your business. More leads mean more customers with the intent to convert.

Deliver Real Results

We implement an algorithm-proof SEO strategy that prioritises high-quality content to ensure long-lasting results. We focus on tangible outcomes to help your brand and business accelerate growth and flourish.

Our Local SEO Services

We provide customised local SEO services to suit the unique needs of your business. We examine what your target audience’s preferences and behaviours are to create high-performing strategies for sustainable growth.

Local SEO Audit

We kick off with a comprehensive website audit to identify any SEO issues. By analysing your website’s structure and navigation, we identify areas for improvement that enhance the overall user experience for the local market. Before increasing traffic, we want to ensure your site is ready for optimal conversion.

Localised SEO Keyword Research

Our extensive industry knowledge allows us to identify the most valuable keywords and phrases users are searching for. This ensures your website ranks highly in Google’s search results.

Local Competitor Analysis

We perform thorough competitor analysis to examine their SEO performance and identify unique content angles that allow your business to stand out. We develop a strategy that gives us a competitive edge in a saturated market.

Local Content & Content Strategy

We then implement our unique content strategy. Our strategies are tailored to your local market to garner relevant traffic through key search terms. We develop a local strategy to increase organic traffic and boost your site on Google search results.

Ongoing-Site Optimisation

Once we’ve started, we don’t stop. We continuously seek opportunities to create and publish localised, engaging content that appears to users searching. With regular and relevant updates, we increase your local presence.

Local Link Building

Our team will audit your existing links to remove any irrelevant or negative links. We’ll then implement local link building to increase your site’s authority and ranking with high-quality local backlinks.

Reputation Management

Local SEO success also relies on reputation management with local customers. A positive reputation is always front of mind for our team. Any content we develop for your site is tailored to support your business and customer base.

Reporting & Tracking

Our team delivers real results with the stats to prove it. We engage in regular reporting with advanced tracking tools. We analyse your campaigns to identify where we’ve found success and where to optimise.

Optimising Online Presence

Claiming and Verifying Your Google Business Profile Listing

The first step to local search success is claiming and verifying your Google Business Profile listing. Google Business Profile is a free listing platform that enables your business to create a profile on Google Maps and Google Search. This is crucial in improving and scaling your search visibility.

A verified Google Business Profile helps establish trust with search engines and improves your online visibility in Google searches. Your profile also provides essential business information to customers, including your physical location and business address, phone number, and opening hours.

Optimising Your GMB Profile for Maximum Visibility

We want to ensure your GMB profile performs at its best for you. We optimise with relevant keywords, categories, and descriptions to improve local search visibility. Adding high-quality photos and videos to your GMB profile enhances customer engagement and increases brand value and authority for local traffic.

Your GMB profile also contains online reviews to help build trust. Responding promptly to customer reviews and feedback on your GMB profile builds credibility and customer loyalty. Engaging and listening to customer feedback can make your business stand out.

local seo company in Melbourne

Local SEO Strategies for Success

Pinpoint Location Targeting and NAP Consistency

Our local SEO campaign will utilise pinpoint location targeting. This helps businesses reach their target audience in specific geographic areas. We also ensure your business has NAP consistency (name, address and phone number) across local results meaning business listings are accurate and consistent across the web.

Obtaining consistent NAP listings improves local search rankings and drives more foot traffic to physical locations — meaning more in store visits and paying customers for your business.

Targeted Keywords for Local Search and Mobile-Friendly Website Optimisation

The key to ranking higher on search engine results? Targeted keywords. These help your business rank at the top when customers use search engines. Here’s where mobile optimisation is crucial, as most local searches come from mobile devices. If you’re inviting people over, you need to fix your house (or your site) first.

A mobile-friendly website provides a better user experience, improving engagement and conversion rates as you see an influx of referral traffic.

Ready to start your Local SEO Campaign?

Building Local Authority

Local Citation Building and Management

Local citation building involves listing your business on reputable directories, indexes and citations with links to your website. Consistent and accurate citations improve local search rankings and drive more relevant traffic to your website. Managing local citations ensures that business listings are up-to-date and accurate for local searches.

Quality Backlink Reinforcement and Online Reputation Management

Our local SEO campaign specialists use quality backlink reinforcement from authoritative sources to improve local search rankings. We create content with relevant links that improve local search results.

Online reputation management involves monitoring and responding to customer reviews and feedback, particularly on your Google My Business profile. Fostering a positive online reputation builds trust and credibility with potential customers.

Maximising Local SEO Presence

Understanding On-Page SEO Mastery

At eWebsites, we’re experts in on-page SEO mastery. We optimise website elements like title tags and meta descriptions to improve local search. This optimisation strategy improves your online visibility and search engine rankings.

Local Keyword Research and Analysis for Better Visibility

Our team of local SEO experts heavily researches the relevant local keywords and phrases for your business. By analysing local keyword data, we help businesses understand their target audience and tailor their strategy to suit local customers.

Measuring Success and Improving Performance

Multiple Location Performance Tracking and Local Business SEO Audits

Our strategy means we are always looking to maximise our search engine optimisation. We conduct multiple location performance tracking to monitor and analyse performance across different locations.

We also complete local business SEO audits to identify areas for improvement and provide actionable insights into your SEO campaigns. This ensures our local SEO strategy remains relevant and refined to improve performance.

Continuous Improvement and Optimisation for Better Results

Our tailored strategies are adaptable for continuous improvement. We optimise by refining and adjusting our local SEO strategies based on performance data. By regularly updating and refining our strategies, we ensure that your business stays ahead of the competition.

Need Local SEO Services in Melbourne?

How Working With Local SEO Agencies Benefits Your Business

Engaging a local SEO agency in Melbourne provides expertise in local SEO services and an understanding of the local market. This localised insight proves imperative when optimising your website and SEO strategy to achieve local SEO success amongst your competitors.

We cater to your Melbourne audience, with our goal to ultimately drive ready-to-convert traffic straight to your door. If you’re looking to increase your traffic, leads, and sales — get started with the experts in local SEO in Melbourne.

Local SEO Agency FAQs

Is Local SEO still relevant?

Short answer? Yes. As a local business, outreach to your target market is essential. Everyday consumers (particularly mobile users) are searching for local businesses. Being that first business they see can make all the difference.

What is Local SEO vs Organic SEO?

Local SEO targets a specific geographic area. Organic SEO is web optimisation designed to target users everywhere. Organic SEO is more relevant to businesses that exist entirely online.

Is Local SEO right for my business?

Local SEO is most relevant for those serving a geographical location. This may be via a brick and mortar store or in-person service in Melbourne.

Any business looking to target locally can benefit from utilising local SEO. Moreover, many businesses are not taking advantage of this niche — leaving the market open for your business to stand out.

Does Local SEO provide high ROI?

Absolutely. The results achieved from local SEO are continuously outperforming expectations to drive high ROI.

We have a proven track record of helping 100% of our clients improve their online visibility, increase traffic and generate conversion. Let us help you improve your local SEO in Melbourne to see impactful results.

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