Why is SEO an Investment and not an expense?

by | Oct 23, 2021 | SEO

All businesses, either small or big, have one thing in common and that is to strive to minimise expenses and in turn maximise their profit. A lot of business owners still consider marketing as an expense that provides a short-term gain to their company, either via customer acquisition, brand positioning and even sales.

It’s instrumental for SMB (in particular) to understand that various of the different online marketing strategies, particularly search engine optimisation, are investments into the medium/long term success of their organization.

So, why is SEO an Investment?


The SEO Strategy

SEO strategy

There are a wide variety of factors involved in an organic SEO campaign, even though you may not see them.

For instance, at eWebsites we begin the process by working with our clients to find the best keyword combinations for their business, balancing volume, value and relevance so we target their site for the right customers and focus our energy on the keywords that really matter and will improve their overall ROI on their marketing spend.

We focus on creating a long-term keyword strategy, commencing with ‘actionable’ keywords that customers would be typically typing in google to find your services and are in a ‘buy’ mode- such as labour hire melbourne.

These keywords are most likely to bring in relevant and ‘paying’ customers to your business.

After this phase, we like to focus on the low hanging fruits which are the ‘long-tail keywords’ for the overall content strategy like blogs, to educate your fellow customers and capture the ones that are still in a ‘research’ phase and are not quite sure of buying your services. These may include questions such as ‘what is labour hire’?

The purpose of this phase is to ensure we provide all the answers your customers may be looking for so that when they are ready to take action they can remember your website which answered all of their burning questions.

Once we have planned the overall SEO strategy, the next step is to optimise the website to ensure its properly optimised for search engines.

Your website is fundamentally linked to the SEO results you will achieve.

We strive in providing the best possible user experience through professional, high-performing websites via our skilled team of designers, copywriters and developers. This will help convert your visitors into customers and clients.

Long Term Results

long term results with SEO

Unlike PPC or paid traffic, SEO takes longer to get you to the top of a search instantly. In some instances, it can take up to several months to improve your rankings as you have to demonstrate both to Google and other search engines your relevance.

Hitting your online goals takes time and it will be highly correlated to the quality of your SEO, that’s why it’s instrumental to invest in an experienced agency like eWebsites.

Higher ROI

Unlike paid ads and PPC, the leads generated from SEO are 8x more likely to buy from you because they are actively searching for a solution.

We had some clients grow their phone calls by 1000% in only 6 months, which represented an ROI of over 20x. However, the true value in SEO is that the traffic and leads you acquire last a very long time.

Unlimited Traffic and Exposure

Once you start ranking for important search terms, there is actually no limit to the amount of website traffic and overall brand exposure you attract, unlike paid ads. 

The really cool thing about SEO is that you will get leads, even if a campaign ends whereas with paid ads, the moment you stop paying you immediately stop getting any traffic and leads.


Overall, SEO it’s all about return on investment- this is because SEO is an ongoing competition. And your overall investment in SEO is what’s going to determine how fast you achieve results in order to improve your organic traffic, increase your rankings and get more qualified leads to your business.

There are more eyes online than ever before, that’s why it’s instrumental that you ensure your site is in front of the customers that are looking for your services.

If you’re interested in investing in your business with a solid SEO strategy, make sure to give us a call. Get in touch today to get started.

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