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Website Redesign South Yarra

Do you have a business website that isn´t bringing in the customers that you would like? Are your customers having trouble finding your website on Google Search? Then it might be time to consider a website redesign.

Website Redesign South Yarra

In today’s digital age your website represents your business brand and reputation on the Internet. As per any business, it makes sense to consider redesigning and updating your site in order to remain competitive, market-relevant and accommodate the changes in demand that your marketplace may face.

Your website should always evolve and remain dynamic.

When Should You Renovate Your Website?

According to the tech-land experts, a website has a general life-cycle of three years. This means that at least every three years you should refresh your site and perhaps consider undergoing a full redesign process.

Key Items To Consider

How is your website currently looking? Are visitors finding it appealing in general? Are the website´s KPIs being met? Do you have a business website that isn’t bringing in the customers you would like? Are your customers having trouble finding your website on Google Search? 

These, are some basic questions that you may consider to determine if it is time to renovate your site.

Always keep in mind, that the initial design of your site may have fulfilled its specific purpose at a specific time, but over the course of time, your business needs and conditions may have evolved and changed.

From minor changes to a complete overhaul we have you covered. We tailor our redesign process to suit your website! This also means we tailor our prices!

At eWebsites before our clients come to us and request a redesign/renovation of their existing website, we always like asking them some questions to better understand their goals and business needs to deliver the best tailored solution.

Why eWebsites Website Redesign

A website redesign may be just what you need to boost your website´s performance and bring more customers to your business. At eWebsites we pride ourselves on providing a leading-edge process where we ensure to focus on the biggest ROI activities that will enable you to obtain the best possible results. 

Clear Navigation

A big problem with old websites is that they can be really hard to navigate.

Let´s fix your website´s navigation and make it smooth and seamless for visitors to find their way around!

One of our key focus on this area, is to ensure that it is clear for your visitors that land on your homepage what they should do and expect of your website within 5´seconds.


Effective Call To Action

Every website has a purpose but so many fail to effectively communicate it.

We strategically place call to actions across your website so that we ensure that your visitors can easily see and click on them.

We continuously see many websites miss this item, that´s why its one of our biggest priority in our web redesign process.

A website that has clear call to actions tends to convert better and therefore generates more leads for your business.

Search Engine Optimisation

We take the time to carefully analyse your marketplace and set up a strong SEO foundation and high-quality SEO structure. This includes quality, keyword-rich content, and strategic keyword placement throughout the site.

This gives your site the best possible chance to rank on the 1st page of Google for your industry and target keywords and helps you get easily found by your ideal customers.

Responsive Web Design

If your website isn´t mobile-friendly, your visitors may find it really hard to navigate your site, hence increasing your bounce rate and leaving your website to find the information they need elsewhere.

Whether your website is viewed on a phone, tablet or desktop our web designs ensure your business looks good across any device.

Simple And Effective Website Design

Is your website looking a bit old? Is it too busy? Does it need a bit of rebrand and refreshing? We cater to your website needs when we do a website redesign.

Revamping your overall website design to ensure the layout, text and images are clear and look amazing.

We focus on providing you a website design that is functional, effective and that delivers awesome results that will get you qualified leads and phone calls.

Excellent User Experience

Does your website leave people feeling confused and frustrated? We want people to enjoy your website and leave absolutely delighted.

Having a website that is easy to navigate and people enjoy is crucial for your online success. 

We want to make sure your customers can smoothly move their way around, without becoming frustrated and leaving your site because they can´t find the information they are looking for.

Need to bring your old website back to life?

Look no further and get in touch with us today!

5 Signs Your Website Needs A Renovation

#1 Your Site Looks Old And A Bit Outdated

If your website is looking a bit lackluster, not getting you any leads and barely having any traffic it is definitely a sign to consider renovating your website.

#2 Slow Loading Website

If your site is taking more than 3 seconds to load on your desktop and mobile devices, both your visitors and Google will not like it.

This will mean you might be losing valuable traffic and visibility on the sear engines.

If this is the case, then you should definitely have this looked into by a web designer.

#3 Content Does Not Display Properly

Don’t you get frustrated when you click on a URL and it takes ages to load only to end up going to a page that says “this page is unavailable”?

Are your images not being displayed correctly and the content is nowhere to be found? You try to refresh the page but nothing changes. The next thing you do is you typically click out and to find a similar website.

Well, the same thing could be happening to your website if your content is not displayed correctly.

Let a professional web designer handle this for you.

#4 Your Website Isn’t Generating Many Leads Or Sales

Is your website bringing any new customers and getting you qualified leads and phone calls? Are people finding you on the web? Well, they should!

Apart from word of mouth referral most people nowadays are finding their goods and services online.

So if your website isn’t helping you build your brand and reputation online then maybe it is time to consider redesigning your website.

#5 Poor Navigation- User Experience

If your website is not easy to navigate, your visitors will find it really hard to obtain the information, products or services they may be searching for.

Have you ever gone to a website where you can’t find a phone number or address?

This immediately translates into a poor User Experience, hence increasing the abandon % rate of your site.

As a business owner, you definitely don’t want this to happen on your site.

If your website is anything like this then you need a website redesign.

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