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Tomas and the eWebsites team are absolutely incredible. I am truly BLOWN away by his expertise, his care and his attention to detail. He is an SEO and website expert. Tomas, Lucas, Emmad and the rest of the extended team have delivered each and every step of the way and I am so excited to see what we can achieve together. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending eWebsites for any SEO, web development and Google Ad requirements that you have for your business.


Client Goals & Challenges

Raveche Property is a boutique buyers agent company based in Melbourne specialising in buyers advocacy, vendor advocacy, commercial investment and property investment. The client hired us for an SEO & PPC Campaign in August 2023. They were looking to get more qualified leads and grow their business with a sound digital marketing campaign.

Before we started their digital marketing campaign we had recently revamped their website so that it was built to convert new visitors into customers. We also ensured to improve the overall layout and design to enhance the overall user experience and navigation to increase the conversions. You can check the detailed web dev case study here.


Taking Raveche Property Journey to The Next Level

What Was Our SEO/Ads Strategy?

Our first step was to create a detailed keyword strategy for the next 6-12 months, and we focused on building their core and most profitable services, working on improving their online visibility and conversion optimisation of these pages to first attract qualified leads and generate an immediate ROI in their campaign.

At the same time, we optimised their Google Business profile, which allowed us to implement an ongoing optimised posting strategy to enhance their local visibility on Google. This initial keyword research was also used as as part of our Google Ads campaing.

With our Google Ads strategy, we were able to drive immediate traffic to the core high value service pages getting the client immediate results and an amazing ROI in the first months of the campaign.

We then focused on creating new content assets, targeting more informational blogs and specific location pages focused on high end neighbourhoods which would bring better and more valuable leads.

The Results

In only 3 months of the campaign we were able to increase her organic traffic by 48% and overall conversions by 127% during the same period. The client has recovered her ROI in just 4 months.

Below is a summary of the latest key results:

  • Page one rankings for 8 location-specific pages, solidifying their presence and visibility in key target areas
  • A 100% in calls via Google Business Profile, demonstrating the effectiveness of localised targeting
  • A 457% increase in overall website traffic, spiking from 370 sessions in August 2023 to 1270 sessions in May 2024
  • 607 % increase in organic traffic sessions, increasing from 178 in August 2023 to 347 sessions in May 2024
  • Second page for their main keyword in melbourne

These results have enabled Raveche Property to expand their team and become a market leader in their industry

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